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Journaling: A Kick-Start Guide

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Journaling: A Kick-Start Guide contains inspiration, tips and prompts to help you to (re) start and maintain a regular journaling practice.

This journaling guide includes the following:

  • An overview of journaling and its benefits
  • Practical tips on how to get started and what to do when you get stuck
  • 31 journaling prompts to get you (re) started

Who is this journaling guide for?

Absolute beginners: If you have never journaled before but are curious about how it could help you, this guide is for you.

Occasional or returning journalers: This journaling guide will inspire you to return to a journaling practice by giving you tips on how to restart and what to do next time you get stuck.

So, whether you are completely new to journaling or blowing the dust off your journal, this guide can help you start or return to a regular journaling practice that works for you.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file